Banned Book Week 2018

The American Library Association defines intellectual freedom as “the rights of library users to read, seek information, and speak freely as guaranteed by the First Amendment.” Throughout history, books have been regularly challenged, banned, or removed from schools, libraries, and other establishments. However, librarians believe that it is a reader’s right to have access to information without censorship or limits, and spend an entire week each year proudly proclaiming “YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO READ WHAT YOU WANT!” It’s called Banned Books Week, and this year, Banned Books Week takes place between September 23 and 29.

One of the biggest parts of Banned Books Week is the announcement of the 10 most heavily banned books of the previous year, which you will find on the image below. Visit our library to pick up a great read from our display (or any of the top ten of 2017!), check out the two lists linked below for more suggestions from the last two decades, and help us celebrate your right to read freely and without censorship!

Top 100 Banned books of the 1990s

Top 100 Banned Books of the 2000s



Banned Book Week 2018