DIY Ornaments

We recently had a DIY Ornament craft on Santa Saturday.  We had so much fun that we are sharing the instructions with you.  All you need is some colorful paper or card stock, a circular template, some glue, and ribbon.

Cut out 16 circles of the same size.  We used a 3 inch paper punch:

Supplies for the ornament

Fold the circles in half with the pattern on the inside.

Gluing the circles together

Start your ornament by gluing 2 half circles together and continue gluing until the last one.

Glueing the circles together.

Before you glue the last 2 together, cut a piece of ribbon and glue that to the inside of the ornament.

Gluing the ribbon

Glue the last two pieces together and hang when dry.

Finished ornament

If you have any questions, contact the Pickerington Main Information and Research Department at 614-837-4104, ext. 233.


DIY Ornaments