Library Board Adopts New Phased Re-opening Plan

As of July 28, 2020, library facilities are closed to the public while continuing curbside and virtual services.

Pickerington Public Library’s Board of Trustees voted to suspend service inside of its buildings as part of a new phased re-opening plan adopted in a continued effort to proactively comply with local, county, state, and CDC health officials’ recommendations. Curbside, printing, mobile, and virtual services remain available as operation hours remain unchanged.

The adaptation of services is a result of an increase of reported COVID-19 cases in Fairfield County as the Pickerington Public Library Board of Trustees and executive leadership considers community and staff safety. Materials that contributed to this decision are available on the library’s Board of Trustee’s webpage.

The phased opening plan, adopted and approved by the Board of Trustees on July 27, coincides with Ohio’s COVID-19 Public Health Advisory System as follows:

Level 1 (Yellow): Buildings open to the public with required masks. Curbside and virtual services available.
Level 2 (Orange): Curbside, virtual, and appointment-only building services available.
Level 3 (Red): Curbside and virtual only services available.
Level 4 (Purple): Building and curbside services are suspended. Virtual services are available.

At this time, the library and its digital E-Branch has a myriad of services available for public access, including:

Technology training and one-on-one appointments, virtual programming and book clubs, on demand stories, E-Card services including online library-card signup, mobile app access and requests/holds, book bundles, mobile printing, phone assistance, online database access, and streaming services to read, watch, listen and learn.

Customer and staff safety is of utmost priority for the library.  Call the library at 614-837-4104, check, or follow the library on social media for updates. Changes will be shared as library services and public health advisories evolve.

Pickerington Public Library appreciates its customers, staff, board, and colleagues who have supported the library and shared their concerns and feedback throughout this tumultuous time.


Library Board Adopts New Phased Re-opening Plan