Make a pie that will last forever with this simple craft: Mini Pie Magnets

By Trudi, Reference Assistant

Making a pie has never been so easy.  During the week of January 18, stop by and use our drive-up window to pick up a Mini Pie Magnet Grab & Go Kit while supplies lastThe only materials you will need are gluescissors, and a pencil; all other supplies are included with the kit. 

Don’t worry, if you miss picking up the kit, you can still make your own Mini Pie Magnets with these supplies and instructions: 


  • Bottlecap(s) 
  • Beige or tan felt 
  • Red or blue seed beads 
  • Sticker magnets 
  • Glue 
  • Scissors 
  • Pen or pencil 


Place your piece of felt on your work surface and lay your bottle cap with the wide side face down. Use your pen or pencil to draw a circle around the bottle cap. Repeat this step to draw two separate circles. Use your scissors to cut out the circles. Make sure the circle fits down inside the bottle cap. Once it fits, place glue inside the bottle cap and glue one of the felt circles to the inside of the bottle cap 

While the “pie crust” is drying, you can cut the other circle into strips for the top crust. 

The next step will be to add glue on top of the crust that is in the bottle cap. As soon as the glue is added, sprinkle in your red or blue seed beads (add enough to cover the entire bottle cap).  You may need to gently press the beads into the glue.  Add more beads and glue as needed. 

It will take some time for the glued beads to dry. 

The final step will be adding the woven pie crust. This is the most difficult step.  As carefully as possible, alternate the strips of “pie crust” and glue in place on top of the mini pie. You should be able to just glue around the outside edge and press down. 

Once completely dry, trim off any excess pie crust, add the sticker magnet to the back, and place your mini pie onto the fridge. 

If you thought making this pie was easy, check out these resources for more crafting and baking fun: 


Make a pie that will last forever with this simple craft: Mini Pie Magnets

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