24-Hour Pickup Lockers

Customers who cannot access the Library during business hours are able to use the 24-Hour Pickup Lockers to hold their reserved materials. Pickup Locker

Lockers are available at all library locations.

When customers make an online request through the library’s catalog, they will be prompted to select their pickup location:

  • For the 24-hour pickup lockers located outside the Pickerington Main Library location, at 201 Opportunity Way, select “Pickerington 24 Hour Pickup Lockers”
  • For the 24-hour pickup lockers located outside the Sycamore Plaza Library location, at 7861 Refugee Road, select “Pickerington Sycamore Plaza 24 Hour Pickup Lockers.”
  • Customers will then receive a hold notification when their item or items are available to be picked up in the locker.

For more information about pickup lockers, contact the Customer Service Department at either location:

  • Pickerington Main Library: 614-837-4104, ext. 232
  • Sycamore Plaza Library: 614-837-4383, ext. 125

24-Hour Pickup Lockers

Heat is back on! Sycamore Plaza Library is open.