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Morning Breakouts (10:45-11:30 a.m.)


Novels that are all about love in difficult situations

Featuring Lisa Klein, Emery Lord, Vicki Leigh writing as Tori Rigby, Jasmine Warga


Characters who fight for the future

Featuring Mindee Arnett, Laura Bickle, Cinda Williams Chima, Lorie Langdon, Kristen Simmons

Panels_Blank Space

Building suspense and playing tricks with your mind

Featuring Liz Coley, Carey Corp, Mindy McGinnis, Natalie D. Richards

Moderated by Jody Casella

Panels_Wish We Could

Choices, consequences, and characters in search of a do-over

Featuring Emily Henry, Riley Redgate, Sarah Schmitt, Adam Silvera


Afternoon Breakouts (2:30-3:15 p.m.)

Panels_Another Life

Authors who make history come alive

Featuring Lisa Klein, Mindy McGinnis, Saundra Mitchell, Gene Yang


What makes a strong female character?

Featuring Laura Bickle, Liz Coley, Emily Henry, Kristen Simmons


Real teens, real issues: talking about the tough stuff

Featuring Emery Lord, Riley Redgate, Adam Silvera, Jasmine Warga


How to build a YA fantasy world

Featuring Cinda Williams Chima, Carey Corp, Vicki Leigh/Tori Rigby, Sarah Schmitt


Strong friendships, unlikely partnerships

Featuring Kurt Dinan, Lorie Langdon, Natalie D. Richards


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Pickerington Teen Book Fest: Breakout Sessions