Read These! Fairfield County Fair Selections

Did you know that the very first Fairfield County Fair, which begins today and continues through October 13, was held in October 1851? That’s right: this year, we celebrate the 168th year of the Fairfield County Fair!

It’s going just as strong in 2018: the Fair is known as The Last and Best of the Season, and it has something for everyone (bakers, crafters, 4-H members, you name it). And so does your library! Our books on canning and preserving, animals, gardening – whether fiction or nonfiction – are on the shelves even when the Fair isn’t in session, so your fair fun lasts throughout the year.


Fair Foods book cover     Raise book cover     How to Raise Pigs book cover     Raising Goats Naturally book cover     Keeping Chickens book cover

Keeping Bees and Making Honey book cover     Gardening in Miniature book cover     Backyard Harvest book cover     Foolproof Preserving book cover     Dog Training 101 book cover


The City Baker's Guide to Country Living book cover     Love and Other Consolation Prizes book cover     It Happened at the Fair book cover     Death Comes to the Fair book cover     Sowed to Death book cover



Read These! Fairfield County Fair Selections

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