Support Your Library

There are multiple ways to help the library. If you wish to discuss donation options, including donations made to the library’s foundation or any type of donation not indicated below, please contact Tony Howard, Library Director at or 614.837.4104 ext. 222.

Pickerington Public Library Fund

The Pickerington Public Library Fund is an organizational endowment funds established as a nonprofit organization to provide income to Pickerington Public Library for projects outside of general funding. 

Fairfield County Foundation manages the fund. The principal is held in perpetuity, and the Foundation will transmit the income in accordance with the Foundation committee’s specific instructions.

Fund Name: Pickerington Public LibraryQR code PPL foundation

Friends of Pickerington Public Library

Friends of the Pickerington Public Library (FOPPL) is made up of community members who support Pickerington Public Library’s mission to foster a love of reading. 

  • Semi-Annual Book Sales
  • Summer Reading Pop-up Book Sales
  • Ongoing Sales
  • Donated Materials
  • FOPPL Accomplishments

Kroger Community Rewards

The Kroger Family of Companies is committed to community engagement, charitable giving and partnering with our local community. They make fundraising for Pickerington Public Library easy by donating through their community rewards. All you have to do is sign up for free, select Pickerington Public Library as the receiving organization and shop like you always do.


Support Your Library

Join us for all things Comic at Pickerington Comic Fest! Held at Pickerington Main Library, Saturday, May 27.

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