About the Library

Inspiring Learning, Connecting Community, Enriching Our World, Fostering a Love of Reading

Pickerington Public Library began providing services to the community in 1907 from a small room inside the Violet Township High School. In 1915, we became the smallest community to qualify for a Carnegie Library. The library resided in the Carnegie building until we moved to Opportunity Way in 1993. The current library needed additional space to provide more services to our patrons. Construction began in 2005, and the renovation was completed later that year. We were able to add a computer lab, meeting room space, private study rooms and additional space for materials.

Contact Us
Pickerington Public Library Main: 
Sycamore Plaza Library: 614-837-4383
Automated Renewal System: 1-877-772-6657
Pickerington Main Library Customer Service Department: 
614-837-4104 ext. 232

Pickerington Main Library Youth Services Department: 
614-837-4104 ext. 231

Pickerington Main Library Information and Research Services Department: 614-837-4104 ext. 233

Library Closings
Pickerington Public Library recognizes and closes for several federal and nationally recognized holidays and professional staff development. Click here for a full list of dates.

Library Management Directory
Tony Howard, 614-837-4104 ext. 222
Fiscal Officer: Brenda Oliver, 614-837-4104 ext. 223
Community Engagement Manager
Colleen Bauman, 614-837-4104, ext. 221
Pickerington Main Library Information Services Manager:
Ryan Gerig, 614-837-4104, ext. 241

Pickerington Main Library Youth Services Manager
Dana Folkerts, 614-837-4104, ext. 230
Pickerington Main Library Customer Services Manager
Leah Taynor, 614-837-4104, ext. 240
Sycamore Plaza Library Branch Manager
Rebekah Lennon, 614-837-4383, ext. 121

Library On-The-Go
Can’t make it to the library? Let the library come to you! Click here for more information.


About the Library

The Library is experiencing issues with our regular phone system. Contact Pickerington Main Library 614.405.1173 and Sycamore Plaza Library 614.405.1177 or by email at communications@pickeringtonlibrary.org. We appreciate your patience while our team works to resolve the issue.