Measure Up! Math Resources for Parents and Kids

Common Core Math!

To many, those words can cause fear and panic. Modern day math problems can leave you feeling helpless, whether you’re the student or the parent.  You may not know where to start or how to help.  Well, we’ve got good news for you: luckily, the Pickerington Public Library is a one stop shop for all your learning needs!

Our Homework Help Center is a great place to start.  Open Monday-Thursday at both Pickerington library locations, the center provides homework help for students K-12 and is stocked with reference materials.

Databases!  We have tons and tons of FREE databases, and can recommend free websites for math help.  Speak a new language, learn to code, or brush up on your math skills. We recommend these two awesome math resources: Purple Math and Math is Fun offer practice lessons for Geometry, Algebra, Equations and more.

Several teacher and student online e-books are available on OverDrive, our e-book app.   

Oh…and we also carry these great things called books! Our Parent/Teacher Collection, located in the Pickerington Main Youth Services Department, is filled with print materials for all subjects, including Common Core Mathematics practice exercises. Make learning enjoyable with these character themed math books:






Measure Up! Math Resources for Parents and Kids

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