Take care of yourself and your cars with this free library resource

By Krista, Reference Assistant

For many drivers, it may seem like we never stop putting miles on our cars.   

Reliable transportation is important for work and school, getting food, accessing healthcare, and our ability to check in on loved ones.   

All cars need preventative maintenance and occasional repairs. The car you have sitting in the driveway, maybe overdue for new tires, brakes, or an oil change.  You may have put needed maintenance off due to the cost. Some simple maintenance and repairs can be done by their owners. Others are more complicated and require a professional, but how would the average person know if the parts and labor they are being charged for are priced fairly?   

As a Pickerington Public Library cardholder, you have free access to an amazing online resource about cars at your fingertips.   

Chilton Library used to be in the form of huge paper manuals full of lists and diagrams which were very unwieldy to handle. The online resource is much more compact and user-friendly; there is a need to try to flip through pages of a book with hands dirty from car fluids By typing in the make and model of your car as well as the year and the mileage, you can generate all kinds of lists including if it is time for a tire rotation or transmission fluid flush.  Those who wish to do the repairs themselves have access to all sorts of charts and diagrams as well as videos to help you do the repairs correctly. You can take the information with you on your tablet, phone, or other devices right under the car if needed.   

On the other hand, if you are planning on hiring a professional, there are also charts of how many hours each repair should take so that you know if you are being charged fairly for labor.  

Chilton is a great resource not only for car owners but also for car enthusiasts, automotive professionals. There are even practice tests for students looking to become certified in ASE (Automotive Service Excellence).   

Whether you are planning on exploring the open-roads this summer or not, make sure you take advantage of this outstanding free car-care resource.  Take care of yourself and your cars.   


Take care of yourself and your cars with this free library resource

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