Grab and Go Flower Power Gardening at the Library

By Krista, Reference Assistant

The week of July 6th, we are offering a Grab-and-Go Flower Power Gardening Bag available for pick up at either of our Pickerington Library locations. If you already love gardening or are just getting started, our gardening kits or our many gardening resources are a great way to bring some extra color to your world.

Gardening nurtures us: fresh air, sunshine, digging our hands in the dirt and helping create spaces for beautiful plants can be therapeutic. Many of us are spending a lot of time in and around our homes lately, and beautifying our outdoor landscape can be a very joyful experience. It’s nice to step outside and see and smell a beautiful array of flowers.

If you are lucky enough to have your own yard, you may have considered creating a raised-bed garden or just a flowery nook near your home. Even you live in an apartment, a pot of flowers on your stoop may be a nice addition.

Flower gardening has so many creative approaches. You may want to attract pollinators to your yard. You may want to line your vegetable garden with flowers that will repel bugs and critters. You may want to create a garden that blooms in stages over the seasons. You may want to arrange flowers so that tall ones are in the back and shorter ones are in the front.  You may want to create a color palette of flowers that compliments your home, or that simply brings you joy. Whether you are a beginner at growing flowers or an experienced gardener, Pickerington Public Library has some fantastic gardening books and online resources to help you GROW.

Links for online resources with how-to videos of how to create outdoor spaces to support a flower garden or container gardens can be found right on our library website: Hobby and Craft Reference Center →  Home and Garden → Gardening.


Grab and Go Flower Power Gardening at the Library

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