Meeting Room and Conference Room Policy

Pickerington Public Library
Meeting Room and Conference Room Policy

Board Policy: DATE REVIEWED: 6/17/2019
DATE APPROVED: 06/17/2019
EFFECTIVE DATE: 06/17/2019

It is the policy of the Pickerington Public Library (PPL) to encourage free discourse of
information and ideas within our community. Therefore, we are privileged to make
meeting room space available to our customers so that an informed citizenry can be
nurtured and supported.

The primary purpose of meeting rooms and conference rooms is to promote library
services through classes, events, meetings and other library activities presented by
library staff, the Friends of the Library or other organizations affiliated with the library.
When the meeting rooms or conference rooms are not being used for a library activity,
the space will be available to the public for governmental, non-profit, for-profit, civic,
cultural or educational programs or meetings that are non-soliciting in nature. Access
will be provided on equal terms, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or
groups requesting use. In doing so, it must be noted that the library does not endorse
the views expressed by any group or individual using our meeting rooms, but does
endorse their right to express their views as long as these groups and individuals abide
by the rules and regulations governing the use of library meeting spaces. At no time is
the use of a meeting room, conference room or quiet study to be publicized in such a
way as to imply library sponsorship of the reserving party’s meeting or event, unless
that activity is being co-sponsored by the library. Artistic performances by individuals will
be permitted only when co-sponsored by the library.

Use of Library meeting spaces for financial gain is prohibited. This includes entrance
fees/admissions charges, marketing or selling of goods, fundraising, or accepting
donations. Only the Pickerington Public Library or groups affiliated with the Pickerington
Public Library may use the meeting room facilities for fund-raising activities, otherwise,
items and services may not be sold. Meeting rooms may not be reserved for a single
individual. Conference rooms may be reserved by individual customers for no more than
2 hours per day. No private parties may be held unless it is part of a library sanctioned


Meeting Room and Conference Room Policy

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