Meeting Room and Conference Room Policy

It is the policy of the Pickerington Public Library (PPL) to encourage free discourse of information and ideas within our community.  Therefore, we are privileged to make meeting room space available to our customers so that an informed citizenry can be nurtured and supported.

The primary purpose of meeting rooms and conference rooms is to promote library services through classes, events, meetings and other library activities presented by library staff, the Friends of the Library or other organizations affiliated with the library.  When the meeting rooms or conference rooms are not being used for a library activity, the space will be available to the public for governmental, non-profit, for-profit, civic, cultural or educational programs or meetings that are non-soliciting in nature.  Access will be provided on equal terms, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting use.  In doing so, it must be noted that the library does not endorse the views expressed by any group or individual using our meeting rooms, but does endorse their right to express their views as long as these groups and individuals abide by the rules and regulations governing the use of library meeting spaces.  At no time is the use of a meeting room, conference room or quiet study to be publicized in such a way as to imply library sponsorship of the reserving party’s meeting or event, unless that activity is being co-sponsored by the library. Artistic performances by individuals will be permitted only when co-sponsored by the library.

Use of Library meeting spaces for financial gain is prohibited. This includes entrance fees/admissions charges, marketing or selling of goods, fundraising, or accepting donations. Only the Pickerington Public Library or groups affiliated with the Pickerington Public Library may use the meeting room facilities for fund-raising activities, otherwise, items and services may not be sold. Meeting rooms may not be reserved for a single individual. Conference rooms may be reserved by individual customers for no more than 2 hours per day. No private parties may be held unless it is part of a library sanctioned event.

All meetings must be open to the public.  Organizations conducting business meetings or presenting programs may wish to restrict or limit public comments during all or part of their meeting or programs. Any such restrictions should in no way interfere with the public’s ability to attend, observe or listen to the program.

  1. Use of the meeting rooms shall be for group use.  An adult, eighteen (18) years old or older must be present during the entire use of the room by the group. Groups of children are welcome to use the room, but application must be made by an adult and adult supervision of the group must be maintained at all times. Staff are authorized to allow individual walk in customers use of meeting room space as a last option if the meeting room is available and all conference rooms are booked.
  2. The person making a meeting room or conference room reservation must be the person using the room, be at least (18) years old and a registered cardholder of the Pickerington Public Library.
  3. Reservations for meeting rooms shall be made online by submitting a meeting room reservation request. It is preferred that all reservations are submitted at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the requested meeting time.  Any request without advanced notice will be considered based upon current availability. All information contained in the request (except the library card number) shall be available to the public.
  4. Groups or individuals shall be permitted use of the conference rooms. An adult, eighteen (18) years old or older must be present during the entire use of the room by the group. Groups of children are welcome to use the room, but application must be made by an adult and adult supervision of the group must be maintained at all times.  Staff are authorized to allow customers to remain in conference rooms past reserved times as long as the room isn’t reserved for another customer.
  5. Programs or meetings must end prior to library closing time.
  6. Reservations are considered on a “first-come, first-served” basis.
  7. Reservations are not transferable from one group to another.
  8. Reservations may not be made more than three (3) months in advance of the requested meeting date. Due to high demand, the number of reservations may be limited. Advanced reservations have a maximum limit of (5) five times per month. Once customers reach their maximum number of reservations for the month, staff are authorized to allow them use of a meeting space on a first come first serve basis. 
  9. Meeting space is provided free of charge. However, donations will be accepted to assist in the cost of maintaining meeting room facilities, equipment and supplies. 
  10. The library may, on occasion, sponsor classes offering instruction in skills.  Tuition fees to cover costs of supplies may be charged.  The library may also allow its meeting rooms to be used by local school systems, area colleges and universities, or governmental entities.  In such cases, tuition fees may be charged.
  11. The use of meeting rooms for social functions such as birthday parties, dances, graduation celebrations, wedding receptions, etc is not permitted.
  12. Meetings planned by a company or individual to promote, advertise or lead to the sale of a product or service are not permitted.
  13. The individual or group which reserves the meeting space shall assume responsibility for all loss, damage or injury arising from the use of the meeting space.
  14. The library assumes no liability for theft or damage to property brought onto library property or for injuries which occur as a result of actions of sponsors or participants in activities in meeting spaces.
  15. Room set-up will be the responsibility of the individual or organization reserving the meeting space.  This same individual or group is responsible for returning the room to its original condition.
  16. Use of Library provided audiovisual equipment and a podium are available upon request.  Any additional equipment needs other than what is already provided in the meeting and conference rooms must be supplied by the individual or group using the space.
  17. Refreshments may be served only in Meeting Room A.  The library will not provide any food service or equipment beyond a microwave and coffee maker.  Any food, beverages, or items left in the meeting room will be discarded.  Smoking is prohibited anywhere on  library property. Alcohol is prohibited in the library unless there is a Library fundraising event approved by the director or his/her designee. A fee may be charged if the group’s use of the room results in the need for repair to library furnishings or equipment or if excessive clean-up is required by library staff.  Imposition of this additional fee will be at the discretion of the Library Director.
  18. If a scheduled meeting is cancelled, it is preferable that the library be notified at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance. Groups or individuals that no call no show for their reserved time (3) three or more times in a (6) six-month period may be limited or prevented from further reservations. 
  19. Library use of the meeting space takes precedence over any other use and the library reserves the right to cancel the use of the meeting room space if the Library Director determines that the meeting space is needed for library purposes.  The library assumes no liability if such an action occurs. An attempt will be made to provide an alternative date or time for the group.
  20. The Library Director, or his/her designee, may for good cause, deny or cancel any application for reservation of meeting room space and, for good cause, may waive any meeting room regulation.  The library assumes no liability if such action occurs.
  21. PPL reserves the right to have staff attend meetings and other events in the library.
  22. Meetings held in our facility must not disturb normal library operations.  The library reserves the right to stop meetings that are disruptive to normal library operations.
  23. An appeal of any meeting room regulation, or any decision regarding the use of any meeting room should first be made to the Library Director. 

It is the intent of the Pickerington Public Library that groups or individuals shall follow the above rules and regulations so that our meeting rooms and conference rooms will be utilized in an orderly and efficient manner.  It is expected that all groups or individuals reserving a meeting space will honor the spirit in which these rules and regulations are intended and will adhere to them when reserving and using a library meeting space.

Pickerington Public Library
Meeting Room and Conference Room Policy

Board Policy: DATE REVIEWED: 6/17/2019
DATE APPROVED: 06/17/2019
EFFECTIVE DATE: 06/17/2019


Meeting Room and Conference Room Policy

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