Public Records Policy

Pickerington Public Library
Public Records Policy

Board Policy Date Approved: 11/18/19
Effective Date: 11/18/19
Replacing Policy Effective: 6/8/09

It is the policy of the Pickerington Public Library to adhere to the Public Records Act of the State
of Ohio. All records of the Library that meet the definition of “public records” are public unless
they are exempt from disclosure under Ohio and Federal law, such as under the exemption in
ORC 149.43 that prohibits the Library from releasing any library records or from disclosing any
customer information except in situations specified in that statute.

All library employees, officers and authorized representatives are “Public Officials” under ORC
149.011 and are responsible for maintaining the public records according to this policy and the
approved Schedules of Records Retention and Disposition (RC-2) that identify these records. In
accordance with the Ohio Public Records Act records will be organized and maintained so that
they are readily available for inspection and copying. The Fiscal Officer and Director of the
library are the Records Officers for the Pickerington Public Library and shall act as the
coordinator of records maintenance and shall respond to public records requests made of the
Pickerington Public Library.


Public Records Policy

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