Unattended Children Policy

Pickerington Public Library
Unattended Children

Board Policy: DATE REVIEWED: 4/13/2017
DATE APPROVED: 4/13/2017

The Board of Trustees and staff of the Pickerington Public Library (PPL) are pleased that
patrons of all ages are visiting us. It is important that we provide an environment that allows all
patrons to enjoy the facility in a safe, relaxed manner. While we welcome library use of children
18 years of age and younger, children under age twelve (12) must be attended by a parent or
an adult caregiver.

PPL wishes to provide a safe environment for visitors of all ages; however, library facilities are
open to the public, which can present risks to children. Parents, caregivers and group leaders
need to be aware that staff cannot be responsible for the safety and security of unattended
children. Parents and caregivers must exercise their own judgment regarding whether to leave
their children over the age of twelve (12) unattended in the library. In exercising this discretion,
parents and caregivers should be aware that the library cannot monitor children who enter and
leave the library, and that children who are disruptive may be asked to leave the library.
Accordingly, parents and caregivers should only leave unattended children at the library if they
are capable of coming and going by themselves.

Children who become disruptive, a security or safety issue, or endanger themselves or others
anywhere on library property will be asked to correct their behavior. Should the behavior
continue, the child will be asked to leave the library as indicated by the Patron Code of Conduct

Parents and caregivers are responsible for arranging transportation to and from the library for
unattended children. Transportation for these children should arrive prior to the closing time. If a
child’s transportation has not arrived within 15 minutes after closing, PPL may call the police if
the child expresses concern, if a PPL staff member believes there is reason for concern or if the
child is under the age of twelve (12).


Unattended Children Policy

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