Access to the Wall Street Journal is now available with your Library Card

Paper copies of the Wall Street Journal are no longer available for in-house browsing, but don’t fret! The Wall Street Journal is now available at your fingertips, anytime, from anywhere!

Access the WSJ portal online through Pickerington Library E-branch resources; using your library card, simply create a login that gives you uninterrupted access for up to 3 days. At the conclusion of your 3-day access period, you will continue to use the same credentials, this time logging in as an existing user.

The Wall Street Journal resource provides online coverage of breaking news and current headlines from the US and around the world. Follow this link to begin reading!

If you find yourself needing any assistance accessing this new resource, Pickerington Public Library provides individual help with trained librarians and technology trainers. The Technology Trainer program was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the State Library of Ohio, trainers are available by appointment for one-on-one technology help.

Connect with Pickerington Public Library via phone at 614-837-4104 (Main) or 614-837-4383 (Sycamore), or by emailing

Library cardholders can also access services by downloading our app available on both Apple and Google Play.


Access to the Wall Street Journal is now available with your Library Card

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