Share the Love this Valentine’s Day Season with a Classic Home-made Ornament

By Laura, Reference Librarian

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost Valentine’s Day! Celebrate at home by giving your space a little V-day flare with these simple but sweetheart ornaments.

Add in one of the romantic reads listed below, and your February will be filled with love. Pick up your Grab and Go kit (which includes all the supplies needed to make the ornaments) beginning Jan. 25, 2021, at any of our locations or reserve one by calling us at 614-837-4104. Materials are available while supplies last. No reservation or call ahead required.

If you’d like to use your own supplies, just follow these instructions: 


  • Paper Heart Cutout 
  • 4 yards medium weight yarn 


  1.  Pick up your heart cutout and yarn. Place the end of the yarn anywhere at the top center of the heart cut out. Hold the end of the yarn to the paper cutout with your thumb.
  2.  Begin threading your yarn through the hole in the middle of the cutout, up the back, and over so that it overlaps and holds the end of the yarn held by your thumb.

  3. Continue winding the yarn around the outline of the heart, making sure the yarn lies flat against the paper cutout. Be gentle, making sure not to crush the paper cutout..
  4. Once you’ve gone around the heart once, continue winding the yarn around the cutout to create a second layer, making sure to cover any exposed paper.
  5. If you need to add yarn, take the end of your new yarn and cross it over with the end of the yarn you already used. Hold the ends to the cutout with your thumb. Start winding the new yarn around the cutout covering the ends held by your thumb as you go.
  6. Once you get to your starting point, carefully thread the end of the yarn through the layers of yarn at the top of your heart. Cut off the excess yarn close to the heart and tuck it in the end at the back of the ornament.
  7. Thread your remaining length of yarn through the layers of yarn at the top of your heart and tie it off.

Romantic Reads for Your At-Home Valentine’s Day Celebration:


Share the Love this Valentine’s Day Season with a Classic Home-made Ornament

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