Luck O’ the Irish: St. Patrick’s Day Grab-and-Go Kits Available for Pick-up

By Krista, Reference Assistance

One object that may come to mind when hearing the phrase “Luck O’ the Irish,” is the shamrock, a specific type of clover. St. Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland, used the clover and its three leaves to illustrate the Holy Trinity to early Christians. Even before that time, the druids of Ireland saw the three heart-shaped leaves as a representation of the Triple Goddess in Celtic Mythology. As a result, clovers were considered a symbol of good fortune that would keep dwellings free from evil.

The clover’s symbolism for good luck has stood the test of time. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, create your own luck with a Grab-and-go kit from Pickerington Public Library or Sycamore Plaza beginning March 13, 2021, while supplies last. The kit includes a small pack of Shamrock seeds, peat disc, and a small clear container small enough to fit in a window sill.

Keep the good fortune going with these recommended reads by Irish and Irish-American authors. See a book you like? Visit the library or our website to find and checkout with your library card.



Luck O’ the Irish: St. Patrick’s Day Grab-and-Go Kits Available for Pick-up

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